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“When I came to the Stamps Law Office they didn't hesitate to help me. They understood what I was going through and knew exactly how to handle my situation. The outcome of my problem was handled professionally and the results were better than expected for me. If you have a legal problem, you could not ask for a better law office than the Stamps & Stamps lawyers. Thanks to them so much.”M.C. Dayton
“Years ago, I had a legal issue in Ohio, and had worked with various lawyers including Rion Rion & Rion as well as other law firms in Dayton Ohio. Unfortunately, instead of putting the client first, most of these law firms I contacted really focused on themselves — i.e., putting money and their reputation before their clients. Finding a good law firm in a small city like Dayton is not an easy task. Years later, I contacted Dana A. Stamps to ask him for help with an issue that almost every lawyer I contacted said was impossible. Dana was willing to hear me out, and after I explained to him why I thought my case was possible, he gave it a go at a very reasonable price. Not only is Dana approachable, personal but he is also a great lawyer. In court, he artfully negotiated my case in front of the judge and won me a victory I had long been seeking. I have nothing but good things to say about Dana Stamps.”Brandon W.
"Very understanding, very knowledgeable and completely understanding no matter what your case involves. I would highly recommend speaking to either Eric or Dana"W. R.S.
"When every other lawyer told me it was not possible, Dana Stamps took the time to listen to me, and finally accepted my case. He artfully negotiated my case with the judge and won me the victory I have been seeking. Dana is responsible, hard working, approachable, and extremely ethical. I highly recommend him."A Satisfied Client
"Always have been very helpful.Lyndsay B.
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