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The IRS is a financial juggernaut that doesn’t care about the people behind the financial struggles; they simply want their money. At STAMPS & STAMPS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, we help shield our clients from this overbearing government agency to help them overcome financial hurdles and stressful times with years of hands-on tax experience!

Most of this takes place without you ever coming to our offices. We live in a day and age where technology makes it easy for us to represent you no matter where you reside. Of course, you can always come to our offices if you prefer, whatever is more convenient for you.

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“When I came to the Stamps Law Office they didn't hesitate to help me. They understood what I was going through and knew exactly how to handle my situation. The outcome of my problem was handled professionally and the results were better than expected for me. If you have a legal problem, you could not ask for a better law office than the Stamps & Stamps lawyers. Thanks to them so much.”

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The IRS Is After Me, Now What?

The IRS Is After Me, Now What?

A Step-By-Step Guide To Tax Resolution

The attorneys at Stamps & Stamps will bring over six decades’ worth of experience to your tax-related issue, whether it involves how much money the IRS claims you owe, an IRS audit or appeal, navigating the complexity of IRS forms, business tax planning, or any other tax-related problem you’re encountering in Dayton, Beavercreek, or Centerville, Ohio.

Read on to learn about FAQs regarding tax-related issues in Ohio and how a tax resolution attorney can help.

How do I resolve my tax obligation?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a tax obligation that seems impossible to meet? Are you being frequently contacted by the IRS, facing an inevitable lien placement on your property, or just trying to make ends meet while your wages are being garnished by the IRS?

The attorneys at Stamps & Stamps understand how stressful this time can be for you and your family, and they also know that allowing the IRS to carry out certain proceedings can damage your financial record and credit score. As a result, a tax obligation issue today could affect all aspects of your financial life in the future.

There are options, including the following:

Obtaining representation by an Ohio tax resolution attorney can help you better understand the burden you’re facing, avoid damaging tax claims, and ultimately resolve the matter as quickly as possible with as little stress as possible. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you can get back to your life and business in Ohio.

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I’m Being Audited By The IRS; What Do I Do And
What Should I Expect?

If you’re going to be audited by the IRS, you are probably anxious about why it’s happening, when it will happen, what you’ll have to do, and how this could affect your financial livelihood. In most cases, an IRS audit is initiated when the IRS has detected a problem with the information contained in a tax return; surprisingly enough, an audit could be requested even years after filing, and could potentially leave you with an enormous, unanticipated, and devastating tax obligation.

There are two types of IRS audits: those that occur via the mail, and those that occur in the “field.” A mail audit can be simpler to deal with, as it usually just requests that you send proof of having made a purchase or charitable donation. Audits that occur in the “field” can be more intimidating and complex, and could involve an IRS agent visiting your home or company and conducting an investigation. If you face an impending field audit in Ohio, it is important that you have a tax resolution attorney provide you with guidance and make sure that your rights are protected.

There are two possible outcomes of an IRS audit: the IRS deems your tax return valid, or confirms their suspicion of a problem and imposes a change to the amount you received or owe to the IRS. If the latter occurs, you have the right to file a tax appeal, which should be done with the assistance of a qualified Ohio tax resolution attorney.

IRS forms are overwhelming and I don’t have time for them; can a tax resolution attorney in Ohio help me?

Not everyone is aware of it, but inaccurately completing tax forms can result in a more significant tax obligation or even prompt an IRS audit, which would be both time-consuming and emotionally draining. Depending on the events that have occurred in your life over the course of the year (e.g. the purchase or sale of a house, starting or ending a school program, gaining or losing dependents, starting work as an independent contractor), the information you must provide and the forms you must complete could change. For help navigating the complexity of IRS tax forms and to obtain the peace of mind in knowing you’re saving as much of your hard-earned money as possible, hire a qualified Ohio tax resolution lawyer.

I’m starting a business; what tax outcomes can I expect?

When starting a business, one of the foremost considerations is which entity to form, as your decision will have important tax consequences. For example, an LLC will have a different tax obligation than an S corporation, which will have different tax obligations and/or advantages than a C corporation. At Stamps & Stamps, you’ll be met with friendly, knowledgeable attorneys who will take into consideration all of your personal and professional goals, and ensure that you are choosing a structure that will provide you with the greatest possible tax benefit and savings.

In addition to helping with tax-related issues in business formation, the tax resolution attorneys at Stamps & Stamps in Ohio can assist people who are looking to buy or sell a business, or seeking business succession.

Stamps & Stamps serves clients in Dayton, Ohio, Beavercreek, Ohio, and Centerville, Ohio. Contact them today.

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